Elana Afrika's Baby Brunch

Elana Afrika's Baby Brunch is a coming-together of moms & expectant moms, and perfect for those looking for a morning of inspiration, sharing of knowledge, conversations about parenting as well as fun and pampering!


These events sees Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp as your host with guests speakers ranging from celebrity chefs to sexologists and more.

Elana is a working mom of two and a TV presenter with kykNET. “This event is very near my heart. It’s about getting moms together and letting our hair down. There are many opportunities out there for moms to talk about nappies and breastfeeding - this is not one of those mornings! Rather, this event is about how to look after yourself and managing your life. I remember what is was like when my babies just arrived. Some days are amazing and some days are hard.  We are talking uniting, sharing and holding hands.  A happy mom means a happy family. Elana Afrika’s Baby Brunch is about that balance” says Elana.

Those attending our events can look forward to a variety of speakers, a delicious brunch and a fun networking opportunity as well as goodie bags.

For more information about Elana Afrika's Baby Brunch contact us on info@babybrunch.co.za